TFCU and SWBC Investment Services -- Working Together as a Team

TFCU and SWBC are working together to bring you more investment choices through the Investment Center. TFCU is committed to helping our members improve their long-term financial success. That's why we formed a partnership with SWBC Investment Services, LLC -- to offer our members access to a full range of investment and insurance services. With today's economic challenges and diverse investment choices, you need a trusted team who can simplify the investment process and help you work toward realizing your dreams.  

Need guidance? Let an experienced financial professional assist you in determining your short- or long-term investment needs. They can also help you in managing your current investments and explore new options. Isn't it time you called? Your local branch office representative is available to guide you through a wide range of investment choices. For more information or to schedule your review, just call 915.926.2258 and next time you visit a branch ask to make an appointment with Salvador Chavez, Financial Advisor with Investment Center. You may also contact Salvador by email at